Lee Ulch’s ---– .62cal/20 ga “Fusil de chase”

(Recreation of a circa 1750 French Trade Gun)


You’ve all heard the old term “must be present to win". Well for this this treasure

you must be present to get in!" That’s correct, the only way to secure tickets for

this unique prize is to purchase them "in person" at any Iowa Black Powder

Federation (IBPF) sponsored event such as a state shoot or an event with an IBPF a rendezvous or a trade fair. As the title indicates the intention of

this raffle is to encourage attendance and participation.


The “Grand Prize", once a treasured possession of Lee Ulch and his lovely wife

Louise, formerly of Gladbrook, Iowa are like household names in the Iowa black

powder community. They were active with the IBPF, Turkey Foot Longrifles and

Smokey Ridge Muzzleloaders for many years. Upon Lee’s passing, this flintlock

came into the possession of Mr. Dennis King (who like Lee is a charter member of

the IBPF). In an act of extreme generosity Mr. King donated it to the IBPF for

promotional purpose.


This “Fusil de chase" (pronounced “fu-zi dee chase”) traditionally means “gun of

the hunt”. Introduced by the French fur traders this type of gun quickly won the

hearts of voyagers, traders, Indians and even Rogers Rangers. Slimmer and

certainly, more graceful than military weapons of the time. This Flintlock is a copy

from the Arsenal at Tulle, France. Sporting a .62 cal./20-gague, 39% inch

smoothbore barrel and fancy brass hardware. ' A gun like this would have cost a

number of additional pelts. While the overall condition is lightly used, all we really

know of its Lee Ulch history, other than his ownership, is a simple date of “August

17, 2000" written under the butt plate. Regardless, this Fusil stands ready to

provide its new owner many years of pride and service.


Tickets are $10.00 each or 3 for $20.00 and will be available through the November

2023 IBPF annual meeting. (No picture of gun or tickets enclosed. Available only

at events. Thank you and good luck!

Iowa Black Powder Federation



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