Slug Gun

This is a Slug Gun which is a Muzzle loading bullet gun.  The barrel is short about 25 to 30 inches. This rifle uses a modern (internally adjustable) scope but many of the slug guns use Unertl or Mitchell externally adjustable scopes.  Targets are shot at 100, 200,300, 400 and 500 yards depending on the capacity of the range.


This rifle was purchased from La Mesa Collectables in El Cajon, California.  The purchaser made an offer of ½ what the consigner was asking.  The offer was turned down but accepted a year later when the offer was remade. This dealer only handles non FFL firearms.  His shop is located 1 block for the In Out Burger at the corner of Bradley and Magnolia streets.


The rifle is cross paper patched using a .451 diameter bullet weighing 550 grains, freezer paper and bore butter for a lube. The scope is set for 10 power at 100 yards, higher power at longer ranges.  This rifle has a sealed ignition which uses a small pistol primer.


The tool pictured here is a bullet starter built for another slug gun.  Cross paper patches are put over the muzzle using guides milled into the false muzzle.  The bullet then is pushed deeply into the false muzzle by hand.  This tool is hooked to the false muzzle or the barrel and the arms are depressed to drive the bullet through the false muzzle deeply into the barrel.  The bullet is then seated on the powder with a ramrod.  Accuracy for slug guns is excellent once the owner figures out all the procedures usually a lifetime pursuit.