Remington Type Revolvers


Here are a couple of percussion revolvers of the Remington type.  Neither are an original.  The first is as a Ruger Old Army in very nice shape.  The other is an Italian F. LLIPIETTA revolver which appears to have been purchased as a kit and assembled to shoot but not for external finish.


Both revolvers are steel framed and both are have tight cylinders with a very positive lock up.  The triggers on both are crisp without too much creep.  The Italian copy has an octagon barrel and a traditional arrangement for the loading lever and the cylinder pin.  The Ruger uses a novel system of slotted and notched pins to create a loading lever and cylinder pin assembly. When the cylinder is removed it is easy to have the whole assembly break itself down into its components.  The cylinder pin is removed by turning a screw a half turn which lines up a notch with the pin allowing the cylinder pin to be withdrawn.   The screw is not a screw at all but a notched pin retained by the cylinder pin or when the pin is removed by a small ball and spring detent.  The screwy thing on this revolver has its slot buggered up, but it came with a new thingy.


The nipples on the Ruger are slightly small for a # 11 cap unless the caps are squeezed slightly so they will stay on. 


The L. Llipietta has a half cock notch and the full cock.  The Ruger has 3 hammer positions.  The Ruger has an adjustable sight the other is fixed.  The Italian pistol uses a .451 ball the Ruger needs a larger ball.  Accuracy hasn’t been tested.  The best place to test accuracy will be the All Pistol Shoot in August.